Nokia Smartphones Eligible For Android 11 Updates

Welcome Reader. Speaking of updates, you should know what i mean right? Well, updates are new, improved, or fixed software, which replaces older versions of the same software.

Well updates ensures that your device in up-to date and doesn't malfunction at all and today i will be giving out list of Nokia smartphones which will be eligible for Android 11 updates.

Now, let's bring to our mind that most Nokia smartphones are Android One smartphones with guaranteed 2 years of Android OS upgrade promise. Hence by that rule, if a Nokia smartphone has been launched with Android Pie or Android 10, it will get Android 11 upgrade when available.

Now with the above guarentee, i have compiled the list of Nokia smartphones and the Android version they were launched with. We expect that these Nokia smartphones will get Android 11 updates unless HMD faces issues after testing Android 11 on them.

Nokia 9 PureView – Android Pie

Nokia 2.2 – Android Pie

Nokia 3.2 – Android Pie

Nokia 4.2 – Android Pie

Nokia X71 – Android Pie

Nokia 8.1 – Android Pie

Nokia 6.2 – Android Pie

Nokia 7.2 – Android Pie

Nokia 2.3 – Android Pie

Nokia 5.3 – Android 10

Nokia 8.3 – Android 10

Nokia 1.3 – Android 10 Go Edition

Nokia C2– Android Pie Go Edition

Nokia C1 – Android Pie Go Edition

Note that all these devices listed below will be eligible for the Android 11 update unless shown otherwise

And for those of you using other smartphone brands that constantly update their devices, expect to see an update on your device sooner than later.

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