Complete Guide on how to Bypass TrustedInstaller And Modify System Files 2021 Method

Welcome Reader. I will be giving out a tutorial on how to bypass TrustedInstaller and modify a system file on the windows operating system.

What is TrustedInstaller?
Now, the TrustedInstaller is a Windows security protocol that restricts you from deleting or modifying important system files, such as the contents of 'C:\Windows'.
Note that some of these files might be just a few kilobytes while some of them might grow up to several gigabytes and these might be tempting to delete just to grab some extra space on your PC but guess what? the "TrustedInstaller" says no man, you can't touch that file because it's under my care and so without the appropriate permission, you're going to have a hard time. And So to tackle this problem, you'll have to change the rights of the file and transfer the ownership of the file/folder which you would love to delete to a new author or principal.

What is System File?
Well, system files are core files on the computer system that are write-protected. These files can't be modified, deleted, copied or transferred in-between devices etc unless you bypass trustedinstaller. Any file or folder that aid the smooth running of your computer system Is a system file. System files include explorer.exe, regedit etc.

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To Bypass TrustedInstaller and modify system files.
To Change The File Ownership so as to make the TrustedInstaller' inactive, follow these detailed steps below:
  • Locate and Click The File You Want To Delete or Modify.
    Now to begin the Change of permission in a computer, you have to locate the file (System File) and select it using the left click button of your mouse.
  • Right-click on the file and select the properties option. By taping the right-click button, You open up a tabbed menu that allows you to perform various modifications on the protected file or folder.
  • Click On The Security Tab. When you've clicked on the security tab, you should see all groups in your computer system that has the permission to view the file.

  • Click On The Advanced and Change Option
bypass trustedinstaller

  • Type this phrase "Everyone"  without quotes into the text box and confirm using the OK button.
  • Now, Create a new principal author with your name by clicking the "Add' option. Now, with this principal author added, you should now be able to edit the permission entries for everyone that has authorization over the file or folder. This principal should be our own man so to say.
  • Now, type in your account name. All you have to do now is confirm the window and set everyone's access level to Full Control.
change permission for trustedinstaller

  • Confirm your changes by selecting Yes in the new window. This is the final step for us to achieve our aim.
  • The final step in this Tutorial is to exit the Properties menu after all your settings and modifications are through. You could do this by clicking on the "x" button which closes the open window which you were working on. After this, you're free as a bird to modify or make the necessary changes you want to the main file.
Warning: Please be careful while deleting system files because deleting any system file could affect your PC badly. To be safe don't delete or modify any file you don't know its function. If you ever make that mistake, then you might need to reset or reinstall windows thereby losing files.
Note: To bypass trustedinstaller, you have to make sure that you are logged into your PC as an administrator or using the administrator account which is not as a guest or an added user.
That's all on how to Bypass TrustedInstaller, If you have any questions, use the comments section and I will get back to you ASAP.
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Credits: Detechguru
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