Mtn Set To Release An Instant Messaging Service

Welcome Reader, popular service providers MTN has been planning to unseat WhatsApp and Telegram messenger with its upcoming messenger app and according to MTN CEO, it will function as the Wechat of Africa.

The company plans to launch the platform, its own Music Streaming service, and an improved Mobile Money offering.

According to news from the Conference, this line was gotten:

We have built our own instant messaging platform which has been in beta testing for months now,

It should be noted that MTN messaging app would launch across the company's service range, including Nigeria and South Africa.

The rollout of the application will begin in African markets as a starter and then expand to other markets like South Africa.

The MTN Instant messenger app will offer communication channels which are not only reliant on data.

“First and foremost, we are building in SMS integration into the messaging app. This is really important,” he said.

The integration of SMS will allow data-enabled 3G customers to converse with non-data customers across a seamless messaging platform at a low and cheap rate.

Major Differences Between MTN Instant Messenger and Other Messenger Platforms.

1.MTN’s messaging app is built from scratch by an in-house team and will offer localization across MTN’s operational markets. The app currently supports 54 languages

2. Integration of MTN Mobile Money in the markets where this service is offered

3. The platform would be a messaging-concentric app with an embedded payment mechanism, and it will also offer incentives for customers via the bundling of data promotions and services.

Integrating this platform within the MTN messaging application would allow users to make payments to other Mobile Money customers easily, while also communicating with other users via data-reliable SMS messaging.

MTN Instant Messenger will roll out this year to specific African nations, and MTN Mobile Money will expand to South Africa, Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Sudan this year.

What do you think or is this another ways of sipping our precious data bundles and cash???

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