Google Confidential Mode Now Available

Welcome Reader. An important new feature has been added to gmail mailing service from Google and am very sure that you are going to love it. Google has just rolled out the "confidential mode"; giving you a full control over any email you want to send.

With the confidential mode activated, it’s easier for you to protect sensitive content in your sent emails by adding expiration dates or revoking previously sent messages, and removing options for recipients to forward, copy, print, and download.

To Activate The Confidential Mode Just Click On This Icon

To make things more simple than complex, this mode lets you add ‘expiration date’ to emails, post which the email is no longer viewable by the recipient.

This mode helps reduce the risk of confidential information being accidentally shared with the wrong person(s).

Not just that, you can also require additional authentication via text message to view an email.

Features of Gmail Confidential Mode

  • Allow users to set an expiration date for messages or revoke access at any time
  • Disable options to forward, copy, print, and download the email body and attachments
  • Allow users to set SMS passcodes wherein recipients will get a passcode by text message to be able to access the email sent using confidential mode
  • Let users choose to remove access early before the expiration date.
  • Once Gmail confidential mode is activated in the Admin console, users can send Gmail confidential mode emails.
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