Mozilla Firefox Send Now Available

Welcome, I know alot of us might not be using Mozilla Firefox, but this new feature will urely lure you into using Firefox Browsers. The company introduces Mozilla Firefox Send feature.

Firefox Send is a free file sharing service where users can upload files to the service and then share the URL with others.


Users of this service are allowed to upload files up to 1GB at a time or create a free Mozilla account to upload files up to 2.5GB. Once the files are uploaded, you can choose how many times the files can be downloaded by the recipient (up to 100 times) before the link expires.

You are also allowed to choose how many days count down of the file validity. If the number of days chosen is exhausted, the file expires automatically.

Key Features of Mozilla Firefox Send

  • The service uses end-to-end encryption
  • You can share and send multiple items at once
  • No login required to use the service for sending files of up to 1 GB in size
  • You need a Firefox account to share and send files bigger than 1 GB but no bigger than 2.5 GB
  • The recipient needs no login to download received packages
  • How Do I Access Firefox Send

Firefox Send is ideal if you want to quickly send files to someone but they exceed what you can normally send over email.

You can access Firefox Send at
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