Facebook Introduces Quoted Replies In Message Thread

Welcome Reader, Facebook updates for Messenger this day is actually awesome. This new feature is the ability to quote and reply to specific messages in a conversation or message thread, making it easier to keep track of things (especially in large message threads).

According to the facebook company, this feature is only allowed for message thread of group chats, allowing the users to reply specifically to one message without messing around the full message thread.

How to use the feature:

To make use of the new feature, just as in the whatsapp scenerio, users need to long press on a message and tap the newly included reply icon. Replying from there will send the message directly. In this, the user can respond with text, videos, GIFs, images and emojis as the case might be.

The Quoted reply has already been in Whatsapp before hand

This update is coming just few weeks after it was rumored that the company is reportedly planning to unify its messaging apps with a goal of merging threads from WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

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