Update To Be Expected By Android Whatsapp Users

Welcome Reader. Over the past few weeks, we have been receiving few updates from the popular chat app WhatsApp and more updates are still to be expected. On this post, we'll be speaking about the new features which will soon be rolled out to Android users which we are going to discuss below.

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Joint Missed Calls

The first on our list is the Joint Missed Calls feature. This feature allows WhatsApp users to join any group call at will. With this feature, users may soon be able to join ongoing group calls which they may have missed through a group call prompt.

Whatsapp Group Call Interface

 If a contact invites an unavailable user to a group call, that user can then join or ignore said ongoing call the next time they open WhatsApp.

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This feature would bring WhatsApp closer to the likes of Zoom which allow users to join ongoing calls at will.

Biometric Lock

The next on our list is the Fingerprint lock feature which has long been rolled out on iPhones, and now the feature is being modified. This feature can also be called the “Biometric Lock” and will programmed to cover face unlock and other unique identifiers authentication procedures.

Whatsapp Biometrics

In other words, Fingerprint lock will be a Biometric lock, because it will support more ways to authenticate your identity to open WhatsApp. 

And it is true to say that any other unique identifier will be also considered if the fingerprint or face recognition option fails.

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The above features are still been developed and will be rolled out once it has been completed on Android.

if there are any questions, feel free to ask. Have a nice day ahead.

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