Mtn Nigeria To Launch Its 5g Network This June

Welcome Reader. After the much heated controversy that occurred on the first quarter of 2020 as regards to the 5G network to be launched, MTN Nigeria is finally set to launch the 5G network in Nigeria.

When Will MTN 5G be Launched?

As per device eligibility and launch date, MTN Nigeria says both post-paid and prepaid customers with 5G-enabled devices and an LTE SIM are qualified for the 5G service.

“Current 4G devices will not be able to use the new network, which will require new 5G-enabled wireless devices,” it said.
5G will be fully available in S.A this month, then expect it to roll out to Nigeria this second quarter of 2020.

Advantages Of 5G Network Over 4G

Below are some of the benefits and advantages of the 5G network over the 4G network.

Here are some of the things we will be benefited with:
  • Greater speed enough to download a movie in few seconds (5G maximum download speed faster than 1.0 gigabits per second)
  • Greater capacity(1,000 times capacity of 4G)
  • Reduced Latency(stop delays)
  • Provide high resolution and larger bandwidth
  • Lower battery consumption
  • Simultaneous connections can work together
  • Provide uninterrupted and consistent connectivity.
  • Allow access to parallel multiple services
  • Remote place access grant
  • Detect natural disasters

Once launched, compatible smartphones will have the option to switch network mode to 5G devices or get a wireless router enabled with 5G to use the network.

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