Facebook Messenger Safety Alert Now Available

Welcome Reader, as we all know there has been an increase of fake profiles on faceboo and It is no longer news that the rate at which scammers are operating on Facebook has escalated and to curtail this, Facebook is rolling out an update to messenger that will alert you if you are chatting with a scammer or scammers.

Facebook is introducing in-app notifications in Messenger to warn people who are about to connect with someone impersonating someone else or simply trying to scam them.

These Notifications can be broken down into three groups:

  • The Scam Alert Feature
  • The Underage & Minor Protection Feature
  • The Impersonation & Fraud Alert Feature

Fbook Scam Alert Works:

Now this is how it works; If you’re chatting with someone and they ask for money suddenly, Messenger will essentially tap you on the shoulder with these “safety notices” and pop up a “Steps you can take” alert to notify you. These steps will suggest what you should do in order to avoid a potential scam or fraud.

Underage and Minors

Facebook also has an update that tends to take care of minors below 18 which might/may fall victim of s3xual harassment from an adult, in scenarios like this, Facebook got a feature that will handle that problem.

According to FB, individual users below the age of 18 will now receive alerts if an adult is attempting to engage in an inappropriate conversation.


The third alert concerns scams and imposters. As we all know, Facebook will always have a scam problem. It’s actually pretty ugly and pervasive. To help users avoid becoming targets of fraud caused by impersonation, Facebook will alert you if someone is using your friend’s or family member’s name.


The feature is gradually rolling out to Android and iOS users.

According To The First And Second Feature, Do You Think Facebook Is Spying On Your Chat and Privacy??

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