12 Amazing Hidden Smartphone Functions

Welcome Reader, Today we'll be looking at 15 amazing features that have been piped into our smartphone. Anyways we might know some of them while some might be new to us.

I think like seriously, only few people know about some certain key combinations that could make our android phone interesting. There are actually many of these code. Some could work on all kind of smartphones in general whiles some of these codes are smartphone selective but all the same these codes brings out the best from your smartphone.

1.  The IMEI Code:

This particluar code *#06#  would allow us view our International Mobile Equipment Identity Number or IMEI in short.

Now, the IMEI is a unique code for your phone which is useful in a lot of cases for example your phone got lost or stolen, with your IMEI number you can easily block your device via your service provider network. The IMEI Number can also be used by the police for identification. You can use this code above to know your phone's IMEI now. You never know when you might need it.

2.  The Number Identification Code:

The Code *#30# will help you turn your number identification On/Off. So if you wish to hide your identity during calls and go incognito for some time, i think this is the perfect code for that. And also to find out the identity of an unknown caller, this code got you covered.

N/B: The code above only works on I-phone.

3.  Statistics And Secret Menu Code:

This code *#*#4636#*#* has various purposes depending on your device (Android/iOS) would take you to your device statistics menu which has varieties of options and features. This particular code is known to open a secret menu for motorola users.

4.  Block All Out-Going Calls:

If you wish to block all out going calls in your iphone, then i think *33*# is the code that you need. By activating this code on your i-phone, you shouldn't be worried about call moving out from your cell phone. Don't forget you can turn this feature off by pressing #33*PIN#.

5.  Instant Factory Reset Code:

I think it's good news for Android users since you can have a instant factory reset of your Android device by making use of this key combinations *#*#7780#*#*. Your smartphone will remove everything pertaining to google account settings as well as all application data and settings. Don't forget that this code is irreversible. So don't use it without a good reason.

6.  Whole System Re-installation:

This code *2767*3855# will not only remove all your smartphone settings but it will also reinstall your phone's firmware. So please think twice before making use of this code. as it's not reversible. This code works on Android phones only.

7.  Better Communication:

 This code *3370# is available only for i-phone users and by activating this code, the EFR option will be turned on on your i-phone device which will improve your network communication and quality but unfortunately drains your battery life like mad. You can deactivate this feature by using the code #3370#. 

8.  Service Center Number:

i-phone users can find the service center number when in serious need of their services by dialing this code *#5005*7672#.  This code guarantees the correct SCN instead of you wasting time looking around. Great Idea Apples...

9.  Turn Off Android Device Instantly:

We all know that pressing the power button for long gives you an interface that shows the flight mode, silent, reboot, turn off option. But with this code, you can turn off your android instantly thus saving yourself the stress. This code is phone selective though. if it's prohibited by your device, your dial pad will clear the code instantly.

10.  Call Waiting Code:

 If you're prone to having a busy day and wouldn't want calls disturbing your day, two things are involved. Your idea about this code and a i-phone device since the code only runs on i-phone devices. The code *43# and dialing it will activate the call waiting option. You don't have to worry about missing important calls since you will be notified of all incoming calls which you can answer directly. You can turn this option off by using the code #43#

11.  Quick Service Menu:

This code *#0011# is meant for users of Samsung Galaxy Tab. This code takes you to your tab's service menu and explore all information that you might need.  

12.  Signal Information:

 This code works only on i-phone devices. To turn this option, follow these steps.  
  • Dial *3001#12345#* on your i-phone's dial pad
  • Then press and hold power button until the off option appears
  • The Release the Power button and press the home button
Then your phone's signal DBA should appear. Keep in mind that -140 DBA is the worst signal you can have while -40 DBA is the best signal that your i-phone device can have.

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