Whatsapp Message Forwarding Restriction Now Live

Welcome Reader. We are sure that rate at which fake news and infos are spread around on the web is very alarming. So Whatsapp being a great social media has taken a great step to reducing the spread of fake news and information on their social media platform.

To tackle this, Whatsapp has restricted the number of contacts that a message could be forwarded to: the number has been reduced to just 1.


This move is meant to reduce the speed at which messages spread via the chat app. Messages that have been forwarded many times are labeled with double arrows.

The restriction is now live in WhatsApp, on both the stable (v2.20.108) and beta (v2.20.122) channels. As expected, this doesn’t affect regular messages (still limited to five at a time), just frequently forwarded ones.

Update your WhatsApp to the latest on play stores and the new restriction feature will be active.

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