How To Accelerate Your Smartphone Download Rate

Welcome Reader. Since we are in this Interesting Lock-down period, i guess boredom should be our companion. But to kill that very boredom, i guess we have an option which is watching some cool and interesting movie.

Since the Cinemas are all closed due to social distancing, i think it should be done right on your smartphone. Now we all know that Downloading a movie using your phone browser may take forever to complete except if you are using a Super fast 4g internet connection.

However, we want to make this easier for you by making your download much faster than you can ever imagine. IDM has been available only for PC users, which automatically grabs your download links and make it super faster when downloading… But for Android, the ADM downloader is here to handle all your download jobs efficiently.

ADM (Advance Download Manager), like IDM, makes your download easier and 10x faster than normal downloads. It automatically grabs any downloads from your smartphones once installed. It grabs downloads form your browser, Netflix Premium Mod, Showbox and any other movie apps installed on your smartphone.

Some of you are already using it, if you are not using it, i think it's high time you get this app.

Here are some of the key features of ADM

Here are the Key Features of ADM

– download up to three files simultaneously;

– accelerated download by using multi-threading (9 parts)


– interception of links from the browser and clipboard;

– icon of the program and downloading progress in the notification panel;

– backup list of downloads and settings on SD card;

– completion notification by sound and vibration;

– resume after re-connection or program restart;

– save different file types in different folders;

– built-in browser for sites with registration;

– plan files download on a schedule;

– widget on your home screen;

– site manager;

– and many more…

 Add links from browser:

 – press on the link and from the window “Complete action using” select ADM (supported by Stock        Browser, Dolphin, Boat Browser, Chrome)

 – long press on a link to display the context menu, press “Share link” and from the window “Share        via” select ADM

… and much more

How to Get ADM Pro

To Download The ADM Download Manager, click on this Link

However, YouTube videos can't be downloaded with the ADM Download Manager.

Let us know if you are already using this app in the comment.

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