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If you are on Facebook or Twitter, then it will be speculated that to the extent that the number of social media in this period is about #10YearChallenge. No big deal, if any of you or anyone you know has posted a current and 10 or 20-year-old picture together by flowing through this ‘Challenge’ section.

At first glance, this new trend does not seem to be particularly harmful. But there is definitely no special thing behind every thing that is viral or viral on social media. Is this a part of any Business Idea? Is knowingly posting their new and old photographs to the public, so that the data bank can be prepared? Is there any intrigue behind this? Should we stay away from this so-called challenge?

Before looking for answers to all these questions, find out Facebook’s statement. Says the social media network, “This user-generated Mim, which has become viral itself. Facebook has not started this trend. ”

“Meme uses the same photo, which is already in Facebook. Facebook does not benefit from this. Also, it is important to remember that Facebook users can turn the feature off or off with anytime facial recognition.

Facebook’s stand in the statement is clear, but even if we do not even talk about # 10YearChallenge, in the recent past, there have been many social games or memos, which were part of social engineering and whose purpose was to collect data and collect Had to keep But the experts believe that this challenge is not a time to pass and enjoying fun and it will be better to escape from it.

Asked by the well-known Cyber ​​Law Expert Pawan Duggal that there could be any damage to this challenge, he told the BBC, “Yes, cyber criminals can abuse it.” But what could be the reason for putting a ten-year-old picture on social media, he said, “Look, there has not been any evidence of such misuse as yet. But one thing to understand is that the picture which was not available till now, people are giving themselves. ”

“And when these pictures are on social, then they can be morphing, used to target.” How is this case related to the facial reciprocal algorithm, Duggal said, “The world There is a lot of work going on in Facial Recognition Algorithm throughout. From this, it can easily be seen how much the shape is changing in ten years. “With the help of these pictures, agencies working on facial fixes can make their software more robust and more intelligent.”

But what about those pictures that we posted on Facebook ten years ago? She was already available on Facebook, how can she now be harmful? According to Duggal, “It is true that the picture was already with Facebook, it was in the environment, but it was somewhere else. In this challenge, you are keeping the old picture out and comparing it with your new picture. ”

“In such a situation, when you are taking these steps, you are creating a new data set, which was not previously with the social media website but now you have done it. There is a case of comparative study for the agencies. And they also fear that cyber criminals can misuse them too. Therefore, it is important to avoid this kind of challenge because you are not just posting your picture but providing old and sensitive information to companies, you can not even imagine how much abuse can happen.”

Despite the consciousness of information like Duggal, nobody can think that the picture is the same, then what the companies can benefit from and what things they can use in it. According to the world-renowned Technology Magazine Wired, if someone would like to use your Facebook photo to train the facial recognition algorithm, would it be wrong? This is not necessary. But even when it comes to technology, we should keep in mind what we are generating and what data can be used while using it.

Age and age changes can be detected from photos included in such ‘Challenge’ and they may be used for Target Advertising. Advertisers using a camera or sensor can adapt their messaging on this basis.

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