How To Activate GodMode In Win7 (2021 Updated Method)

Welocome guest. In today's post, we shall discuss about a window trick known as the "GodMode". The Window GodMode is a computer trick that makes all window setting accessible in a particular location. All settings are arranged alphabetically thus making all your desired setting easier to locate.

N/B: I f you're using a Window Vista 64 bit-version, you're advised not to carry out this tweak on your pc because this might cause an "infinite reboot loop".


  • Create a folder on your PC
  • Rename the Folder using this values "GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-9971204E01C}." without quotes.
  • The folder will now change to a control panel icon once renamed

Once completed you will see all your PC settings all in one particular location and arranged alphabetically.

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