Have You Noticed That GLO Network Drains Your Battery

It has been surprising how my smartphone battery depletes quickly than normal whenever my GLO data is switched on. whether its on 3G or 4G, its still the same problem alltogether.

I actually noticed that Whenever the network is turned on, my smartphone begins to heat up unusually and this scares the helll out of me because if care is not taken, this might cause a big problem to the phone's motherboard. I’d noticed this problem times without number and so experimented with other data networks on 4G, the phone rocks a normal temperature except for the Glo network.

Please guys, take note that am not using a 4.4 OS android phone. My Smartphone runs a 4GB Ram, 64GB on-board memory with a battery power of 4000mAh capacity and yet still get hot whenever Glo data network is active.

Have you thought of how your smartphone will freeze if you are running a 2GB Ram phone.

Is anyone also noticing this or should i change my smartphone?
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