China On The Way To Discover 6G Service

The great tecnology giants which is China is on the trend of inventing a 6G network which might make them ahead of the world in terms of data systems.

China has resoved to begin research and development of the 6G service systems by the year 2020. This information was cited by Su Xin who is the active leader of the 5G network group.

 Su Xin
The organization has said that the 6G network should be ready for use by 2030. The 6G network offers transmission speed over 10 times faster than the 5G network and it can be assumed that download speed could reach 1TB p/s according to Su.

The introduction of the 6G network could bring a good change to wired and wireless networks thus extending the borders areas and promote higher altitude of connecting devices more efficiently.

In the Quest to develop the 6G network, China is not alone because other world powers like USA, Russia and EU have also began job on the creation of the 6G network. 
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