5 Chrome Extensions To Enable And Stay Focused

We all know that Internet can be said to be the best place for work and at the same time also the worst place for work. It makes research jobs a thousand times easier and faster than in those days before Google. But then there's a bunch of good site like Twitter, Reddit and Wikipedia among the multitude of sites that distract you from your task at hand. Here are some of my five hand-picked Chrome extensions that can help you stay focused.

  • StayFocused:

With StayFocused, you can set a time frame for the sites you waste too much time on. I like it because it allows you a bit of wiggle room; instead of just blocking sites outright, you can give yourself a few minutes over lunch to scroll through Twitter and Reddit before getting back to work.

  • OneTab:

There comes a point nearly everyday when I find myself drowning in a sea of open tabs, sometimes in two or three separate windows. With OneTab extension, I can take all of the open tabs in a Chrome window and stuff them into a single tab. OneTab saves me from clustering my tabs. And it helps reduce the drain Chrome has on my laptop's RAM memory.

  • Minimal New Tab Clock:

Chrome's default new tab page is somehow distracting with the google search bar but I have never used the Google search bar or the shortcuts to my frequently visited pages it offers me because I prefer to use Chrome's default URL bar and my bookmarks bar located at the top of the chrome window. So in order to make Chrome's new tab page blank as blank can be, i advice you to make use of the Blank New Tab Page extension but I like the Minimal New Tab Clock better -- not because of the analog clock at its center but because its default black background is easy on the eyes lens.

  • Just Read:

Chrome lacks a good reader mode. The JustRead extension allows you switch on a good reader mode. Click the little button that JustRead adds to the top-right corner of Chrome to remove a page's ads, formatting, comments and other bright and shiny objects in favor of a clean, text-heavy layout to keep your reading easy and neat.

  • Todoist:

This can be compared or likened to your personal memo or reminder tabs pinned on your door or fridge. It doesn't try to do much, giving you a simple and clean interface that lets you quickly add items and check them off when completed.
GoodNews is that the Todoist also has an apps in store for iOS and Android devices.

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