Stable Poco Launcher Version Released

The stable version of the POCO launcher has been relesed and this version has been flaged as safe for all to download and use . This version is less crowded and very simple as it comprises of just two pages of desktop and drawer.

This new POCO launcher provides an utility for cleaning your phone's cache memory and thus incresing your smartphones over-rall speed. The App's application drawer also arranges all your smartphones app according to the category which is convienent for users to find and use.

The categories in which your apps can be classified into are: Lifestyle, Education and Knowledge, Finance, News And Reading, Photography, Tools, Communication, Games, Shopping and Entertainment.

Where To Download.

Now you can download the POCO launcher from my site directly or From the Google PlayStore.

To Download From my site, click Here

How To Download From PlayStore

If you already have a playstore account follow these steps

1. Open your PlayStore App
2. Click on the search for app pane
3. Type in Poco Launcher as Search query
4. When the result are out, click on the Poco launcher and Install.

Stay Tuned For More...

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