Facebook Messenger To Have Unsend Message Feature

We all know that the facebook team has been trying really hard to increase the user experience of clients in the Fbook messenger app. The new "Unsend" feature was earlier promised in April 2018 by Founder Mark Zuckerberg but we are still waiting for the feature though.

There might have been times when you really want to travel back in time just to avoid sending a bad text but since its not embedded in this current messenger version, i guess you will ahve to live with that.


I guess the Facebook crew must have seen that and have decided to create an Unsend feature that enables you unsend a sent message and guess what?? this fetaure will soon be rolled out.

They promised that this feature wont be complicated as you would have to long tap a sent message to bring up the option where you can see the Unsend feature.

So whats is on your mind??

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