Google To Offer Unlimited Back-Up Storage For Whatsapp Users

Welcome Reader, Good news is out for WhatsApp users out there as Google and Whatsapp company collaborates to roll out unlimited WhatsApp back up on the Google drive service.

Users were informed that due to the current contract agreement between Google and whatsapp company, uploading of whatsapp backups will be unlimited which means that your online storage for uploading your whatsapp data cant be filled on the google drive network.

Before now, any upload from your whatsapp account takes up a space on your cloud backup account which might eventually get filled overtime. But with this current collaboration that issue has been solved.

Please note that any data that is not on the whatsapp backup database after a period of one year will be erased, so make sure your whatsapp data has been backed up manually before November 12 if you wouldn’t like to lose your data.

These changes will take effect starting from November 12, 2018.

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