Infinix Hot 4 Update Now Available

Welcome Reader. Infinix Co-operation has actually made official their update for their Note 4 smartphone which enables users to make use of the “Face Unlock” security feature. It has not been officially verified though if the update has some bugs or flaws present in it.

If you are a Note 4 user and would like to enjoy this new feature, kindly follow these pre cautionary steps below:
·               Make sure that your Infinix Hot 4 Mobile has not been rooted

·               Make sure that you current firmware version is backed up incase you have to roll back to the old one if there is bug present in the update

·               Ensure that your device is charged up to 95% to avoid tripping off during update process

·               Have at least 1.5GB data balance.

·               Make use of a WIFI network if  available because these could be faster and actually save your time.

Now if the above pre-cautionary steps have been followed, then you can proceed to your actual update process:
·               Make sure your data is on

·               Go to your device settings

·               Click on about phone option

·               Click on check for update

·               Once the update is available, then you can click on download and install

·               After the download wait for the firmware to install

N/B: Your device reboots automatically after the installation of the new firmware.
To further confirm this feature go to your type of security setting option, face unlock should be available

Thanks for your time...

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