Meet The Startimes Smart TV With Inbuilt Decoder

 Hello Reader, StarTimes, has launched a modern kind of digital television with a built-in technology that allows users and subscribers access StarTimes channels without the need for an external decoder.

This piece of technology has been called StarTimes Inside Sundial TV, comes with a set of unique features that sets it far apart from other kind of Smart Tvs. This smart TV has access tp more than 200 domestic and international TV channels including news, sports, movies, music, and more.  It comes with a one-month free StarTimes subscription.

StarTimes Nigeria TV Business Manager, Dele Ameh had this to say about the Sundail TV:

“The TV can connect to both antenna and satellite signals, ensuring a clear and stable signal reception regardless of location. It features automatic TV system upgrades, which means it can update to the latest features and software without any hassle.

“It’s energy efficient, which means it uses less electricity and helps users save money on their bills. It also comes with a free month of StarTimes subscription, which means users can enjoy rewards. Enjoy all premium channels and services without paying any extra.

This TV can be accessed nation wide in an StarTimes Stores or via any authorized dealer nationwide. 

What are your thoughts about this piece of technology?

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