Link Devices For Whatsapp To Be Released Soon | All We Know

Welcome Reader. Today we will be looking at a Whatsapp feature that has been long awaited by users. This new feature allows you make use of a single Whatsapp number on multiple devices which more than 2 devices and even up to 4 devices.

Link Devices For Whatsapp To Be Released Soon | All We Know

This news came from the usaul update leak lords WABETAinfo which revealed that WhatsApp has added an update for its Android beta users that lets them use the app on four devices with the same mobile number

Now this boils down to the fact that the Whatsapp chat app has introduced a menu in it's app which goes by the option name "Linked Devices" which let's you manage and add devices linked to your registered Whatsapp number.

This awesome feature is probably under development. Speaking of a release date,  no information on  it's release date has been made available to users.

This feature is usually available to beta-users/testers first so as a beta user, to locate this feature, you just have to find it in the setting pane as it bears the name "linked devices" as seen in the image above.  This option will help the user to add a new device and like the current WhatsApp Web/Desktop section, all linked devices are reported to your WhatsApp account.

Speaking of this new feature, does it pose a security risk as users might have their accounts linked to other devices without their consent.

If there are any questions, we would like to hear from you via the comment section.

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