How To Enable Facebook Dark Mode On iPhone

Welcome Reader. As per regards to the Facebook Darkmode feature, ios users are getting this much loved update and on this Tutorial post, i will be explaining on how to enable this Darkmode feature on your iPhone device.

How To Enable Facebook Dark Mode On iPhone

About The Facebook Dark Mode feature on iOS:

The new dark-mode swaps Facebook’s iOS app's default white and blue interface with a black and grey theme.

According to Facebook, this feature has been rolled out just to few iOS users which means that other might have while other iOS are yet to get this great feature.

This new Facebook dark mode feature for mobile comes after the company unveiled it in the month of March during its WhatsApp mobile app event.

How to turn on Facebook’s Dark Mode on your iPhone Device

Although this interesting dark mode feature is not available to everyone yet even those on the Android OS. Anyways, some users already have access to it. To turn on the Facebook’s Dark Mode on your iPhone or iPad device you just need to go under the menu tab after launching the app.

Steps For Turning The Darkmode Feature On:

  • Under “Menu”, scroll down and select “Privacy and Settings”.
  • A shortcut toggle for Dark Mode will be there, provided the Dark Mode feature is available for your device.

Just tap it to join the dark mode gang.

Now in case you didn’t see a Dark Mode option on your app, don’t be scared. The feature will surely get to you. This could take months as the android version which was rolled out in January hasn’t gotten to everyone on the Android OS platform yet. While we can’t say exactly when, we know it will eventually come. Just wait for it.
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