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Welcome Reader, i think we might know about the so called hacker(s). One funny thing about these guys is that they are after your private data and accounts for the fun of it or maybe for other malicious purposes. It now appears that hackers are on the rise and just these past days issues of hacked accounts are also on the rise as well.

Now, In other to protect your Facebook account now, you need to ensure that your Facebook password is strong (combinations of Capital letters, small letters, numbers, and symbols/special characters if possible). If you haven’t done this, it is advisable you update your password to a stronger combination.

Secondly, for the best assurance that your accounts can't be hacked, you must enable Two-Factor Authentication on your account, which will alert you, as well as sending you a code to confirm if you want to approve a login into your account.

How to Enable Two Factor Authentication on Facebook Mobile

  • Open the Facebook app and open the menu tab (the rightmost option in the navigation bar).
  • Tap Settings & Privacy.
  • Then tap Settings.

  • Under Security, tap Security and Log in.

  • Under Two-Factor Authentication, tap "Use two-factor Authentication".
  • Choose either Authentication App or Text Message (SMS).

  • If you opt for the former, you’ll be prompted to scan the provided QR code. If your authentication app is unable to scan a code in a separate app, you can tap the code underneath to copy it to your clipboard, then paste it into the authentication app for manual setup.

  • Enter the confirmation code provided by either SMS or your authentication app.

After you’ve completed these steps, you should see a confirmation screen verifying that two-factor authentication is now enabled for your Facebook account.

Further Steps To Follow And Protect Your Facebook Account

  • Don't Login In Carelessly On Someone's else smartphone
  • Don't Input your Facebook login details on un-trusted sites if not Facebook
  • Un-link your phone number from your Facebook account and make use of your e-mail if possible
  • Avoid Spammy give away site and protect your login details jealously
if you have follows the above steps carefully, then your Facebook account should be safe and free from the hackers grasp.

Feel free to ask questions if confused anywhere.

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