How To Eradicate Malware And Virus From Your Smartphone

Welcome Reader. Today we'll be looking on a particular matter that has troubled Android and PC users alike. Because of the upgrade in our technology, devices that run on codes are always prone to attack from Viruses and Malwares and as the years roll by, these enemies get smart enough to evade our suspicion.

Now let's look on the first issue at hand.


Like from the medical explanation, viruses are harmful entities that causes strain in a particular system. Now a Computer virus is a piece of code which is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data.

Examples of these Virus could be
  • Blaster
  • Slammer
  • Nimda
  • Code Red
  • The Morris Worm. etc.

A worm virus is a kind of malicious code that can self-replicate, mostly without human intervention... Now a way to spot a worm is this; the frequent the crashes, error messages, viruses, worms! Yeah, they are monsters alright, and what they do to your devices or phones, are similar to what parasitic organisms do to a living host.

Examples of Worms
  • Internet Worms: Like they do with computer networks, computer worms also target popular websites with insufficient security. ...
  • Email Worms: Email worms are most often distributed via compromised email attachments. ...
  • Instant Messaging Worms:
  • File-Sharing Worms: These are gotten through reckless and anonymous transfer of files between devices.
  • IRC Worms.
Just like your computer, your Android phone can fall victim to malware. It slows your system down and creates glitches that make it difficult even to use your phone. You have to stop it fast to protect your phone and yourself.

Signs That Your Phone Contains a Malware

  • Your apps taking longer to load
  • Your battery drain faster than normal
  • Apps you didn’t download or install showing up

How to Remove Malware From Your Smartphone

There are two approach to this. The Manual and Automatic way

The Manual Way

Step 1 – Put your phone into Safe Mode
Restarting your phone in safe mode prevents all third-party apps from running, including malware. Some Android phones will let you reboot in safe mode, while others need a few extra steps to get there.

It's actually pretty easy to boot your device into safe mode. To enter safe mode, just press and hold the power button like when turning off your smartphone. Once the power off icon pops up on your screen, tap and hold it for a second or two, select OK, and just wait for the device to reboot. That's it. This should land you into safe mode option
  • Long-press the Power off option for a second or two.
  • Tap OK when asked if you’d like to reboot into safe mode.

Once you’ve entered safe mode, assess whether or not the issues are still present. If not, it’s likely that they were caused by malware in a third-party app.

Step 2 – View your downloaded apps
Once you’re in safe mode, go to Settings > Apps. Look for any apps that seem suspicious—maybe an app that you don't know or one you don’t recall installing yourself. The best place to start is with the apps that were installed immediately before your phone began acting strangely. You should use the date when the issue started to check the app that were installed prior to the day your smartphone started mis-behaving

Once you’ve identified a potentially troublesome app, tap Uninstall to delete it for good.

Step 4 – Access Phone Administrators Settings

Some malware is so intelligent and cunning. When they invade your phone, they find a way to protect themselves. They go to the Phone Administrators settings, and then they change the configuration.

So you can try all you want, but you will not be able to remove them. To fix this, do these;

Android Malware
  • Go to your phone’s Settings menu.
  • Navigate to the Security options.
  • Look for an app that you didn't grant administrator access
  • Find the Device Administrator icon, deactivate the malware’s access and reconfigure the settings.
Now, return to the app in Downloaded Apps. The Uninstall button should be tap-able now, so go ahead and uninstall the app from your smartphone.

As a final step, head to your Downloads folder and delete the malware’s .apk installation file, if you see it.

Automatic Way of Removing Malware

To Remove a Virus or Malware from your device without much stress,you can simply install trusted antivirus, and scan your device if you don’t want to stress yourself going the manual way.

Examples Of Good Antivirus For Your Android Device:

  • BitDefender
  • Avira Anti-Virus
  • E-Set
  • McAfee
  • Kaspersky
To Download Any Of These Anti-Virus, you could look them up Via Google Play Store.

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