Welcome To The Era Of Dark Modes

Welcome Reader, As we have been seeing through the period of 2019, various app creators and authors are actually rolling out the dark-mode feature to almost of their apps.

Apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram and all the rest and have taken cue to update their apps to feature the Dark-Mode option.

As we all know, it's better to arrive late than never, Google search which is popularly known as "Google-Go" will be rolling out their Dark-Mode app today which will be a very amazing feature to be added to the app. The Dark-Mode feature will be rolled out today being 19th May, 2020 and the update will be available only to compatible devices through the week.

This Very Darkmode has been under the beta program for a very long time now but will be released on a larger scale to users world-wide. The best part being that no action is needed from you as the app detects

currently it is rolling out to devices running Android 10 and iOS 13 (iOS 12 users can turn it on manually). You can turn off the dark mode if you don’t fancy it much...
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