How To Install Fonts On Android Smartphones (No Root)

Welcome Reader. We know that default fonts usually get the job done — that’s why they’re the default. Roboto on Android is great. It looks pleasant and is usually a comfortable size. But, there will always be users who’d prefer to choose their own fonts for Android.

And there will always be those people who tinker with their Android device’s fonts just for the sheer pleasure of being able to. If you belong to either or both groups, you’re on the right page.

The great thing about Android is that it is an extremely customizable mobile operating system. It even allows you to change the fonts on its user interface.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to change fonts on all Tecno smartphones, use different fonts of your choice.

How to Use Different Fonts on Your Tecno Smartphone

Note: iFont app works on Xiaomi, Meizu, Huawei, some samsung and Tecno Phones

Step 1: Download iFont from Google play store or any other font app of your choice

>>open the iFont, and download any font style of your choice

Step 2: Open file manager, locate iFont folder, click on cache folder, you will see the font style you downloaded earlier

Step 3: Move the folder to Lovelyfont folder as seen in the image below

Note: if you can’t see lovely font folder, open Hi theme–> discovery–> font–> then download any font, to bring out the lovely fonts folder on your file manager.

Step 4: Open lovely fonts folder and locate "latin"

Paste the moved iFont->cache->downloaded font style folder there.

Step 5: Go to settings>> Themes and lock screen, select my fonts and choose your desired font style Or Settings > Display > Font > Font style to apply the new font.

Alternatively, some launcher comes with with their own customizable fonts like Apex launcher and Go launcher. Let us know the font you currently use on your device.

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