Dark Mode For Facebook App To Be Rolled Out Soon

Welcome Reader. We all know how important dark mode is and it appears Facebook has been working hard to perfect the feature before the roll out of dark mode for Android to users.

Facebook messenger has been hosting dark mode since April 2019 and a lot of users have tested it. What is left is the implementation of the normal Facebook for Android. However, some users are reporting seeing this dark mode on their phone which appears to show up briefly and then disappear.

Other tipsters are already enjoying the dark mode on their Facebook app. Testimonials are starting to appear on Twitter and Reddit, which implies a gradual deployment of the functionality.

We know Facebook is taking their time to work on the dark mode to avoid any error just like how it took WhatsApp time before it finally rolled out to beta users and in a matter of weeks, it will roll out to normal users.

Once the dark mode is rolled out on Facebook for Android, it will help conserve energy and battery life because currently, Facebook is one of the major applications that consume your battery.

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