Whatsapp Fingerprint Lock Now Available

Welcome Reader, More updates has been added to Whatsapp as of recent but this feature was announced earlier in the first quarter of 2019, rolled out to iPhone users in February in order to provide extra securities, rolled out to Android beta testers in August. And now it is rolling out to all Android users in general.

Users can now require FingerPrint ID authentication to unlock their WhatsApp application thus improving adequate and maximum security for the app.

Once the FingerPrint Authentication is activated, the widget content will be hidden by default. But users can still answer WhatsApp calls and reply to messages from the notifications pane since the authentication of the fingerprint is only required to unlock the app and access it.

How to Access FingerPrint iD for WhatsApp on Android

  •   Open WhatsApp Settings (can be accessed by clicking the three dots present on top right        corner) > Account > Privacy.
  •   You will find a new option called ‘Fingerprint lock’ under ‘Privacy’.
  •    Turn on ‘Unlock with fingerprint’ option to enable the feature.
  •    Confirm the selection by touching the fingerprint sensor.

There are three options available time frame for users to authenticate their identity; like ‘Automatically lock' and includes options like ‘Immediately’, ‘After 1 minute’ and ‘After 30 minutes’.

To enjoy this feature, you just have to update your Whatsapp to the latest version.
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