How To Convert Your Smartphone To Pc Mouse And Keyboard

I want to show us how to setup your smartphone as pc mouse and keyboard for your windows pc.

This tutorial comes in handy in cases where you might need to operate your PC from quite a distance. Also some touchpads flutter when on AC power and the need for external mouse arise.

Requirements to setup your Smartphone as PC Mouse and Keyboard:

A working PC,
A smartphone (Android or IOS),
And the 3rd party that will be used to achieve this

About The App
The App in question which will be used to setup your Smartphone as PC Mouse and Keyboard is Remote Mouse; which has an Executable for windows, Apk for Android, and IOS versions.

Remote Mouse Features

This App can be setup using wireless connection or QR code scanning.

This app is not only used to setup your Smartphone as PC Mouse and Keyboard it has other beautiful features both paid and free like;

  • Power Options>>> Shut down, Restart, Log off or put computer to sleep,
  • Application Switching and Launching
  • Gyroscope Mouse>> Move cursor by waving your phone in the air
  • Voice typing
  • Volume Button Remote>> Adjust PC sound using Phone volume buttons
  • Remote Webs
  • Remote Media etc

Now to get this done

Proceed to download the Files as listed below

Setup your Smartphone as PC Mouse and Keyboard with Remote Mouse Connection

  • After dowloading and installing the required files,
  • Launch the app in the respective devices
  • Now Turn on your Phone Hotspot and connect your PC to it.
  • Now open the app in your phone and you will see your PC connected and showing the IP Address,
  • Just click on your PC name and you are good to go,
  • You will see a screen like the one below. The green part is the trackpad, the white bisected into three is the mouse buttons

  • Keyboard icon is used when you want use the phone as keyboard,
  • Media icon and the web icon is a link to a paid feature
  • The power icon is used to either log off, shut down, or restart the PC.

Setup your Smartphone as PC Mouse and Keyboard Method 2

  • If your devices are already connected to the same network, then there is no need to create a hotspot connection.
  • Just launch the App in the two devices, in the phone App you will see a list of device connected to the same network which has remote mouse app installed and running on them.
  • Just select your PC name and you are good to go.
That will be all on how to use your phone as mouse on your PC.
Thanks for stopping by and do share with your friends, remember sharing is caring.
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