How To Crack Win 7 Login Password (2021 Updated Method)

Welcome Reader. In toady's post, I would like to show you how easy it is to crack any windows 7 password without formatting and your files or victim's files.

You may have forgotten the password of an old PC or you might be in a situation and then there is a need to bypass a windows 7 login password, just follow these steps below and you will be done in a jiffy.

Now down to business. First of all:

Restart the PC, once it gets to starting windows as shown below hold down the power button to shut down the PC.

Press the power button to start the PC again.

You should see a Windows error recovery screen like the one in the image below, Select launch startup repair and hit the enter button.

Windows error recovery screen

After loading your system files, windows will commence a search for problems that prevented your computer from starting up and automatically try to fix the error.  Now, you should know that since the error was self-created windows can’t find a solution to the problem and that is actually what we are aiming.

N/B: While you will be trying to fix the problem if you are prompted to restore your computer to an earlier point in time just click on the cancel.

The Windows will then notify you that a fix was not found and that’s our main aim for cracking the windows 7 password.

Now this is where our main job starts.
  • Click on view problem details and scroll all the way down the problem signature
  • Click on the link of the text file and it opens in notepad
  • Click on File >>>> Open >>>>
  • Change file type to All files
  • Then navigate to Computer>>> Local Disk C>>> Windows>>>System32
  • Look for a file named “sethc”
  • Rename this file to any other thing that you will remember because you will have to change it back
  • Look for another file named cmd and make a copy of it using the CTRL+C shortcut key
  • Rename the copy of the cmd to “sethc” without including the quotes.

Note: the file sethc is the file responsible for enabling sticky keys by hitting the shift key continuously five times. With what we have done hitting the shift keys five times will launch the command prompt UI.

After getting these things done, just restart your PC

  • On reaching the login page,
  • Hit the shift key five times to launch the command prompt.
  • Now type “Net User” without quotes and hit enter
  • You will see the list of all the users
  • Note the user you want to bypass its password if there are more than one users and the user should be an admin in the PC.
  • Now type “net user (username) *” without quotes and press enter,
  • You will be required to type in a password or choose to leave it blank to remove the password entirely
  • Confirm password and hit enter.
  • Close the command prompt and log in.

That’s all.

Your questions are always welcomed. Just make use of the comment or contact us section.

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