Youtube Introduces Floating Player For Desktop Browsers

Regular YouTube visitors can attest that they can now watch videos using Picture-in-Pcture mini player via their web browser.

The mini player feature is like a floating window and it was earlier rolled out this month, and it allows people to continue playing a video they’re already watching while browsing for another one in the Youtube interface Just like Facebook’s video player, which minimizes and moves to the side of your News Feed while you continue to scroll down the page.

The mini player viewing mode allows the YouTube users to continue browsing YouTube in the same browser tab while their video plays in the corner of their browser window.

To use the mini-player, move your cursor over to the bottom of the video, and use the icons in the right-hand corner to select mini-player option.

You can exit out of the mini-player window by hitting the “x” or escape keys on your keyboards.
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