How To Protect Your HD Drive (Native Method | 2021 Updated Method)

I don't know if you've ever had a time when someone barged into your private files located on your (D:) drive or any other drive? well,  don't worry again help is here for you friend.I know that there are many encryption third party software like;Secure IT File Encryption, Concealer, Cloak & Dagger, Kruptos For Windows etc that could do the job well but i would recommend you make use of a native system encryptor software.

My Choice of Encryption software which i recommend for you should be ''Bitlocker File Encryptor''

Now Bitlocker is an Encryption software that was first seen during the Window Vista version era. It provided protection to files by encrypting the entire volume.


The BitLocker makes use of AES encryption algorithm by default in cipher block chaining methed with a 128-bit or 256-bit key making it one of the best in town.

The BitLocker can't be cracked easily by normal geeks which makes it reliable. i just want you to know that, pass-wording your PC can't provide full security because of the sticky key exploit tha was discovered recently. So, just try out this BitLocker for free.

So lets move on guys to how to set up your native BitLocker Encryptor.

Follow these steps
  1. Move on to the HD drive that you want to encrypt

2. Click on the volume

3. Right Click on the Volume 

4. Click on turn on bit locker

5. Click on  use password to unlock drive

6.  After that click on Next

 7. Then save your recovery key to an external drive for maximum security but for a start your   system location could do. After that click on next (This recovery is used to open your hard disk in case you forget your password)

 8. After that click on "Start Encrypting" to begin the encryption process

9. After this process is done, your files are encrypted then
I strongly recommend that if you would like to protect individual files or separate documents, you can make use of the Cloak And Dagger Software which is available for Window 32 and 64 bit.
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