Hidden Android Features You Didn't Know About

Android is the most popular and flexible mobile operating systems around the world today due to its power packed features. And the best thing about it is that: it lets you customize the device as per your choice. So a simple phone can become a sophisticated piece of technology with the addition of the right apps.

1. Quick Notification Access:

Starting with the most used feature in the Android phones — the quick settings menu. What do you do when you need it down really quick? in the normal way, a downward swipe brings down first the notification drawer and then the settings menu.

To access  the setting panel in a flash, use both of your fingers to make a downward swipe on the home screen from the top of your screen. this will skip the notification bar and bring you to the setting panel directly.

2. Display Touch Points

In few of the how to's videos, it’s difficult to know the exact place where the demonstrator is tapping on his screen.

Solution to the issue: Enable the "display touch points". This will display a white dot on places where you have touched with your fingers.

To activate the show touches option, move to the developer option and activate the show touches option

3. Reduce Eye Strain/Problems.

Once enabled, it wipes out the colors and replaces them with a monochromatic hue color.

And like Touch Points trick, this one’s too lurking inside the Developer option. We all know that bright screens light are one of the main causes of eye problem for phone users. So this simple trick will save your eyes from further damage. One more important thing, it also helps in saving the precious battery life.

4. Restrict Data Usage

It’s known that almost all the apps in our phones perform certain background activities like data-sync, update activities to fix bugs or to roll out new features, message update etc.

This background features mgiht tend to consume our data more than usaul. which is very sad for android users.

Fortunately, we have a savior hiding in the data settings menu. Open settings and navigate to data usage area where you will see the option to "restrict background data". Once this switch is enabled, the background activities will cease to occur over the phone normal network and will allow background once you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.


5. Save a Web Page in PDF Form

Chrome is among the most used phone browsers today, but how do we make the most of it? Especially when you are off the grid? This neat little trick will require a bit of advance planning to pull it off, but let me assure you, it’s very simple when it comes to converting a web page to a pdf.

So before you head off, gather all the files that you wish to read offline and open it through Chrome. All you need to do now is head over to Share > Print and then save the web page in PDF format.

6. Browse Through the File Directory

You can bet that there are a lot of third-party applications that let you see the contents of the phone memory, but what if you don't have enough space and can’t go about installing new apps?
The solution is simple — turn to Chrome Browser.

Just type in the address bar: file:///sdcard/ and all the phone contents — old & new — will be displayed in an index format.

7. Power Button to End Active Call

80% of the time our thumb is near the power button while we take a phone call, so enabling this option "power button to end calls" seem to be the smartest move. Plus, when you’re watching a captivating football match and you just can’t take your eyes off the TV, this proves to be the most convenient way of ending a phone call.

To activate it, open the Accessibility Settings option and switch the Power button ends call option. That’s it, now you can end your calls by just tapping your power button when you are through.

8. Guest Mode Option

One of my guys had recently lost his cell phone and was using mine to meet up on messages and emails until he got a new one. To prevent my private date from going public , what I did was to enable the guest mode.

If You have any problem with any of the Tutorials above, just let me know.

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